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21 January 2006 @ 11:40 am
Let Me Rest In Peace  
Oh My God i can't believe i have been so stupid!!! I've wrote all these diary extracts saying how i really feel pouring out my inner most thoughts and it's only just clicked that half my friends that have a life journal could be reading this how stupid can you get. Right stress mode over, i've decided not to care if they do read this then maybe they might not think im that strange after all, i hope.
Im back to school on monday and ready to be stressed some more with the work i've missed out on. Theres powerpoints, coursework plans and everything you could never wish for, although i have enjoyed my time off, my mom said i was probably run down and we had a long chat about my life. I've made some decisions and decided to sit my first year out and see how it goes whether i take A2 is something else. Im going to get myself a proper social life which includes me getting a part time job which im pretty excited about also i plan to get a hobbie im not sure what but it will be away from school so i have a chance to build up some self esteem and confidence, im contemplating yoga, kick boxing or something else.
When i go back to school my plan is to make amends wth my friends that i've lost contact with and try to intergrate with all of them. Im going to try and buckle down with my work especially media and maybe make a success of my grades.
Im still adament of leaving the UK asap the more i stay here the more i resent it I just need some big break to come my way hopefully sooner than later.
Anyway im going to go and do some cleaning and make some more plans in my head.
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: under your spell