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16 January 2006 @ 04:59 pm
So much time but so little energy!  
Today was ok i guess, confined to my sick bed eating or should i say drinking a cuppa soup. Yes im ill but will probably be in school tomorrow, i've spent the whole day watching episode after episode of Buffy and Angel plus taking a little break to nap and check emails. Got an email from the casting agency, thats all the way in edinburgh they said they could reschedule another audition for me, but how am i suposed to get to Edinburgh I might as well face the facts im never going to be famous, never have a lot of money and never have a bright future, some people are born with that privelige and destiny, looks like im not one of those people.
I've been thinking way too much today, i mean im even starting to contemplate staying on at school, then my mood changes and i think im going to fail school and will have to drop out anyway, then i go into these babbling fits which i think im doing right now, God i need some rest you'd think after over 4 hours extra sleep i would be feeling just a little bit better, but oh no not me.
My friends been texting me which is great but today's made me realise i did'nt miss college at all, i mean the thought of it made me feel sick so what does that say about my future there if can't stand it. I've grown a resentment for half of my lessons and some of the people there not to mention i don't think i'll do well there so what's the point, or is there any point at all as to why i should be there?
I've clearly had too much time on my hands, and if it was'nt for the fact that i feel like crap i reckon today could have been great.
Current Mood: groggygroggy
Current Music: Hepburn- I quit