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Are we alone?

Siamo soli?

4 April
Hi, im Queen Harlow im 16 and want to be a media journalist. i do like writing my own poetry.I can talk all day long about things that don't make any sense but i have to thank my friends for putting up with me.
I have a very mixed background, being Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Maltese. Im learning maltese and should be fluent by next year.
My music taste is strange i can change from listening to classic Frank Sinartra to Linkin Park.I adore latin american music.
I love classic black and white movies but my favourite movies of all time are harry potter, troy, scarface, the godfather, lord of the rings and dirty dancing 2.
Im a sports fanatic, football mostly and for all that know Manchester United they are my number one team especially Cristiano Ronaldo (swoon).
Im obsessed with horoscopes, im an Aries which basically means im one fiery girl (that is unfortunately true).
Oh and my grammar is the worst.
A weird thing about me is that my eyes change colour, they are either green, brown or grey. I love it when they're grey because i feel so different to everyone else.