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26 January 2006 @ 07:11 pm
Every cloud........blah blah blah  
My word it's been almost a week since i've written in here you can tell i've not been at home much, NO im feeling much better raring and ready to go however that does not stop me waiting for my big break (whenever it's ready).
So much has happened i've discovered that i've got some real precious friends in my life, friends i only thought existed in films and on TV im just waiting for me to do something wrong which is usually what happens. Im doing well and have'nt had a vodka all week although im out tonight so who knows im determined to stay strong.
Bad news of the week, my grandads going in hospital on the 6th Febuary to have an op on his leg and my nan's heart rate is sky high so she's had to have an epidural today which of course has made me worry like hell, but it's made me annoyed because no-one had bothered to tell me that she was ill- that's my family for you.
Got to write a new English coursework piece which is slowly but surely worrying the hell out of me and my forms got to do an assembly in febuary which im freakin out about because i know half of them won't even do it!
Well i think that's let some of my anger out! Oh and i've found out that one of my hot mates from outside school actually likes me!YAY! finally and we are all out on saturday night so fingers crossed sparks could fly.
Well i've gotta go need to squeeze myself in my jeans now.
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